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The Holy Trinity Band - Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence is a Christmas CD the likes of you've likely never heard before.  Every track is a fresh rendition of some of the classic songs many of you will be familiar with.

Visit the website to hear some samples and get information about how you can get one for yourself.


Mike Schuster - Together

Mike Schuster is a full time worship pastor at Bow Valley Christian Church in Calgary, Alberta.  "Together", is colection fo Mike's original songs.  His style could be characterized as a folk rock blend.

Mike's desire was to create a CD of songs that other churches might like to use in their worship services.  Check out samples and order your copy today at the below link.


Anthony Packwood - Forward Motion

Forward Motion was the first recording project that was completely produced and recorded at Trinity Studios.   it is the CD Holy Trinity's own Anthony Packwood.  Forward Motion is a worship CD that is filled with all original worship songs written by Anthony Packwood.

Visit Anthony Packwood's website in order to hear some samples from this project.


On the site, you can also read about Anthony Packwood and his ministry.

Lianna Klassen - Out of Borderland

Trinity Studios recorded the Calgary based Choir parts that were used on a number of tracks from this CD.  Lianna is a very talented singer and song writer.  This CD was her producing debut.

Visit Lianna's site to purchase the CD and hear some sound clips.


No Picture Available

Just Us

Just Us is a folk duo that performs in and around Calgary.  They came into Trinity Studios and produced a 6 song demo CD for use in promoting themselves.

Point of You

Point of You is a Galgary based Christian Duo that used some of Trinity Studio's resources in re-mixing one of their popular songs "Forgiven".  "Forgiven" was originally release on Point of You's debut album entitled Under Construction.


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