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Introducing Trinity Studios

IN April of 2003, Holy Trinity Anglican Chruch embarked on an new and exciting ministry.  Holy Trinity and Anthony Packwood have teamed up and created Trinity Studios.  This has created a number of new and exciting ways to minister to the Lord.  This is a great new ministry not only for Holy Trinity, but for aspiring Christian artists everywhere in our area. 

For the past 8 years, Anthony Packwood has been pouring out his heart to the Lord through the music he has created. He is a passionate and devoted worship leader at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Calgary. Anthony has recently released his first solo CD project, Forward Motion which was recorded and produced in Trinity Studios.

As a part of his ministry, Anthony is also the sound engineer Trinity Studios. You now have the opportunity to be a part of this exciting ministry and can have yourself or your music group recorded in a Christian setting!

Book your own recording time and create your own CD. Anthony will be there to take care of all the technical details.  The studio can accommodate individuals and small groups who would like to take the opportunity to record their work. 

Prices will be very competitive.  Trinity Studios is a ministry that is striving to make it affordable for Christian musicians to record themselves without needing to pay a fortune.  We can accommodate anything from a single singer to a much larger band with numerous instruments.  Contact Anthony if you would like to discuss your recording project.

The Gear

Soundcraft 328XD mixer
PC Interface:
RME Hammerfall DSP
   - 24 channels of fibre optic I/O
Studio Reference Monitors:
Event PS6 monitors
3.19 GHz PC with 2 Gig of RAM
120 GB HDD
Windows XP Pro
Rode NTK tube microphone
Rode NT5 stereo condensers
Superlux CMH8A large diaphragm microphone
CAD GXL2200 large diaphragm microphones
Various others...
Alesis D4 digital drum kit
Steinberg's Nuendo 3.0
Proppelarhead's Reason 2.5
Steinberg's Wavelab 4.0
Various VST plug-ins

We also have a mobile recording rig that consists of a seperate PC and the ability to record 24 channels of audio at one time.  This makes us able to meet just about any live recording challenge.


The studio will negotiate fees on an individual basis.  We are here primarily to support Christian music ministry.  Upon contacting us, we will discuss the scope of your project and provide you with a quote that will detail the various phases required to complete your project. 

If you have a recording projects you are interesting in doing, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to us about your options.  We will partner with you in getting your CD produced and available to the public.



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