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Located within Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Trinity Studios are set up to provide another way to spread the Word of God.  We want to treat recording as a ministry.  Traditionally, recording can be very expensive.  There will always be some costs associated with it, but we aim to regulate these costs in such a way that we can deliver professional quality services for a lower price.  There are so many talented Christian artists out there who never get the chance to be heard.  We want to help those artists minister to more people by helping them to make a CD or demo recording. 

Check out Trinity Studios Covenant Award Winning Project!

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We are limited only by your imagination.  If you are involved in serving God through music, Trinity Studios can help you to expand the reach of your ministry.  We may be able to provide recording services that are high quality and professional.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our ministry, please direct them to our website or have them contact us.

Graphic Arts
We are not a Graphic arts company, but if you have special graphic design needs for your CD project, we can help.  ...find out more.

CD Duplication
We are capable of small CD duplication jobs, but if you are in need of larger volumes of CDs we know where to send you. 
...find out more.

Sound Consulting
Trinity Studio is also able to provide you with other times of audio/visual consulting.  If you are looking to buy sound gear to upgrade what you have or to perhaps get started, contact us.  We offer free professional consulting with individuals that have been in the audio visual business for years.  ...contact us.

What about Copyrights
There are some copyright laws to consider whenever you are planning to produce a CD for sale.  We can help you to be coreectly informed about copyright laws in Canada.  We can also provide the services of an Authorized Administrator with C.C.L.I. so you can have your Christian songs registered and in place to one day collect royalties if churches begin singing your songs.  Contact us for more information.



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